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Tip 1: Be comfortable

Make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing.  While you should, and will  want to make an effort with your appearance, there is little point dressing in clothes you would not normally wear as ultimately, you have to be totally honest about who you are.  Forcing yourself to keep up an unrealistic presence will only add to your anxiety.

Tip 2: Be Prepared

Still, just as important as what you wear, is what is underneath. The thought of unsightly sweat patches will only  add anxiety further so you need to ensure your deodorant guarantees long-lasting protection. Sure Maximum Protection provides twice the protection of the best-selling anti-perspirants. The secret formula comes in a light, creamy stick which is perfect for popping in your handbag – and lasts 48 hours. Unlike other deodorants, Sure Maximum Protection does not dry your underarms and instead moisturizes the skin enabling you to feel confident with whatever you’re wearing.

Tip 3: Short and sweet

Don’t feel bad about keeping the first date short. Meeting for a coffee rather than dinner will let you assess whether or not you are compatible before you commit to a whole day or evening in their company. First dates can be a little awkward at first but try to find an interesting venue which will at least give you a starting point if conversation lags.

Tip 4:  Share interests

If you would rather not sit and attempt to make chit chat, go to an event, museum or gallery, preferably related to a shared interest.  If you are not sure what he likes and dislikes, introduce him to something which you enjoy as it will give you the opportunity to let him learn about you but try not to dominate the conversation completely.

Tip 5:  Informal dining

If he  suggest dinner, pick a restaurant which has a good tapas  style menu.  This provides a more interactive and informal dining experience. You can both order some dishes you like and try foods the other enjoys. Again, it gives you the opportunity to learn about each other and to assess what you have in common.

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