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According to a recent survey of 3,616 college students, most women tend to overestimate the amount of alcohol a typical guy would like his female friends, dates or girlfriends to drink by an average of one-and-a-half drinks.

The study also found that the women who overestimated the men’s preferences were more likely to engage in excessive drinking.

It may be true that women have misconceptions about how much men want a woman to drink, but we have to call BS on the idea that women drink to impress men in the first place. It seems more likely to us that the excessive drinkers overestimated men’s preferences for boozing to match their own inflated preferences.

Among hard-drinking women of a certain age, being able to keep up with the guys can be a badge of honor, but for the most part people of both genders drink because they enjoy it.


Do you drink to impress, or just to have fun?

So while we’re not in favor of anyone drinking to the point of compromising their safety, shouldn’t we base our decisions about our own drinking on our own health and happiness, not what men like?

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