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I recently had a very interesting conversation with several guys about whether they preferred women with long or short hair, and though I was not surprised at the overwhelming response was attraction to women with long hair, it did surprise me that these same men did not want a woman they were in a relationship with to wear extensions to achieve long hair. The reasons ranged from they preferred their mate to be “natural” to the idea that extensions attract too much attention from the opposite sex. This conversation made me want to research the subject of men’s overwhelming love of long hair.

Women spend a great deal of time, money, and attention making their hair as attractive as possible. While, in theory, this energy is often spent in order to make a woman feel more confident, it also serves to make that woman more attractive to men. Fashion and beauty magazines perpetually offer tips and advice on how women can make their hair as appealing as possible to men.

Recently a poll was done by researchers that concluded that men prefer women with long hair. I know, surprise, surprise. When you ask a man what length of hair he prefers on women, 9 times out of 10 he will say long. This question was asked on Yahoo Answers, and a few other sites on the web. And nearly all the men asked, responded yes, they prefer long hair on women. In another poll, done by the Daily Mail Reporter, researchers did a survey of 3,000 men, and 43% of the men polled preferred long hair. 80 percent of the men said they definitely notice if a woman changes her hair, while 18 percent said they rarely notice when a woman changes her hair.


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