Trump Administration

The rollback will ask institutions of higher learning to ignore race on college applications, directly linking back to the broader topic of affirmative action.

Remember, slavery and internment camps were once the lay of the land in America.

A viral video shows a Guatemalan mother being reunited with her 7-year-old son after they were detained for crossing the southern border.

The FBI started off the week with a bang, as the government agency officially raided the offices of Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen. In a story that will certainly see many developments over the next few days, weeks or even months, the FBI showed up to Michael Cohen’s office and raided the premises. Cohen is […]

There are so many awful things going on in the country right now and most sane people who were tasked with the highest job in the land of POTUS would be doing everything they could to try and fix things—but Trump is our POTUS and that’s not going to happen. Instead of doing the job […]

In a recent 60 Minutes interview, Betsy DeVos’ glaring incompetence of her current position as the Secretary of Education was further revealed when she gave a truly bizarre interview. The current White House is filled with individuals who have no idea or skillset to properly do the jobs they have been given, most of all […]

Like the petulant child he is, Trump is once again directing his attention to any (rightful) criticism of his tactics and practices, instead of actually doing the job he was elected to do. As the country is still grieving the horrific loss of life stemming from the Florida school massacre, Trump decided he would get […]

Despite holding the highest position in the world, even though he shouldn’t have it, Trump continues to operate like a spoiled, whiny child that expects accolades for any and everything they do—regardless of the fact that his actions reek of mediocrity and incompetence. Trump’s latest gripes are directed at Democrats who refused to applaud him […]

Ever since she first graced our television screens over 15 years ago while on The Apprentice (also hosted by the current Idiot in Chief) many Americans have tried to shake Omarosa Manigault for good, but she just keeps reappearing—like the itch that just never stops. Now, the former Trump White House employee has a new […]

As expected, #45 couldn’t wait to give his opinion on the prospect of Oprah Winfrey running for president in 2020—and it’s exactly what you’d expect from him. Seeing as no one is better than him at anything and he has the uncanny ability to succeed at unprecedented high levels at all things, naturally Donald Trump […]

Despite the drama-filled 24 hours that have surrounded her departure from the White House, Omarosa Manigault managed to head to the Good Morning America studios for a sit-down interview with host Michael Strahan. Yesterday, reports started flying about Omarosa’s unceremonious exit from the Oval Office, after White House correspondent April Ryan tweeted that Omarosa tried to […]