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Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta picks back up tonight with Spice’s skin bleaching situation, but this time it’s not a drawn-out melodrama. Basically, she’s on Joc and Karlie’s radio show and reiterates that she was using makeup, and had no plans to actually bleach her skin. She was just trying to make a point and she did. She got lots of attention from it— so much so that she has gotten more gigs. Not only will she be the first woman from Jamaica to perform in the Gambia (her words, not mine) but she also got an invite to go to Trinidad for Machel Mondays, and she wants the rest of the crew to come with her. Karlie Redd is Trini so she’s extra excited. However, Joc isn’t really trying to go to Trinidad because Karlie will be there, and you remember all the drama that happened at the cabin with Karlie and his girlfriend, Kendra.

Let’s fast forward a bit. Che Mack thinks her man is cheating. Surprise, surprise. She goes to Shekinah’s house and tells her that she found a box of condoms, with some missing, in Made Man’s personal belongings. They don’t use condoms so that’s the dead give away. Now she’s all upset because she put her career on hold for him, yatta yatta, and this isn’t the first time “Made Man had loyalty issues.”

Now we’re at Sierra’s salon. Shekinah, Sierra, Mimi, and Tokyo Vanity have gathered and Shekinah tells all Ch Mack’s business. Then Pooh comes in and they’re all looking like:

They don’t like Pooh because she caused drama between BK and Sierra by telling Karlie Redd that BK tried to kick it to her while he was with Sierra. Pooh says she’s there to “clear her name and apologize,” but come on, we know what show this is. Anyway, Pooh said that never happened and that Karlie is lying. Sierra thinks Pooh is the new liar in town and this doesn’t go well at all. Sierra tells Pooh to get tf out of her shop. Then Tokyo Vanity charges behind her as she leaves and tosses a lamp.

Security caught that though. You know they’re pros at handling flying objects, hands, feet, etc. They also caught the wild Tokyo Vanity before she charged outside and made contact.

Rasheeda and Kirk are back still trying to get us to care. Basically, Kirk’s daughter, Kelsie, has been the middle person between them, Kannon and Jasmine. Kirk told Rasheeda that he would no longer be in direct contact with Jasmine so it has been Kelsie. She loves helping her fam but she’s tired of being the middle person. This is still pending.

Meanwhile, Che Mack is packing up her stuff and leaving her home while Tokyo is recording busy recording with Made Man (they’ve been recording before this drama). Then Shekinah pulls up to the studio and interrupts their session to go in on Made Man. She shows him the rubbers Che Mack presented to her and demands answers. Made Man says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about and he doesn’t know where the condoms came from. Then he tells her it’s none of her business and he needs to talk to Che Mack. Shekinah drops the bomb that Che is moving out and he looks flabbergasted.

Later on, Poo meets up with Mimi to tell her that she feels bad for her shenanigans…again. Mimi gets the dimly lit idea to invite Pooh to Trinidad, but only if she can make things right with Karlie and everyone else.

When Pooh gets home, later on, she tells her hubby Hiriam Hicks that she feels bad for her behavior. Then Hiriam says that Karlie called him crying and saying she didn’t do any of the nasty thangs that Pooh and now Hiriam alleges that the three of them did.

Then he said Karlie swore on her daughter that this never happened. What Hiriam doesn’t know is that Karlie recorded this conversation and claims she has Hiriam backing her up that this didn’t happen. But the thing is, the recording sounds shady. You do hear him saying no, but it sounds more like he’s trying to comfort her, not back up her claims. We’ll be hearing more of this later. Anyway,  Pooh is pissed that Karlie hit him up behind her back and that she tried to get sympathy. Now Pooh isn’t sure she even wants to go to Trinidad but we all know she’s going to go. Plus, Hiriam tells her to go on the trip and try to enjoy herself.

Next, Sierra calls a meeting with Akbar V, Spice and Tokyo Vanity in an attempt to broker a peace talk. Let’s cut to the chase, this doesn’t go well at all. It gets especially nasty when Akbar V mocks Spice’s accent which was totally uncalled for. This ends with Spice trying to lunge at her over a table.

Security shut that down but Akbar V isn’t making a good impression, at all. She gotta go.

The Trinidad drama goes down next week.


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