If there’s anything we learned in 2020, it’s to value our health and the simple services we once took for granted. The COVID 19 pandemic left us all homebound and channeling our inner kitchen beautician as we experimented with new products, tools and haircare items. We learned to shampoo our hair like a professional, give […]


You love your natural hair, but wash day has become a bit of a chore. Try these 5 shampoo bars that will make your routine an easy one.

The celebrity stylist breaks down how to properly wash your hair and stimulate growth.

Here are some of the best skin, beauty, and hair products of 2016.

As a loyal weave-wearer, I am always searching for ways to keep my natural hair healthy underneath my weave. Since it’s mostly covered, it’s hard to keep moisturized. And if your hair is anything like mine, it eats grease, lotions and pretty much everything you put in it. Sigh. MUST READ:  Edges On Fleek: 10 […]

Earlier this year I signed up for a hair service at the launch of a new hair product line called Agave, derived from the Mexican Blue Agave Plant, not really thinking that that the public relations team who set up the event would actually make me go through with it. I was so wrong. MUST […]

Whether your hair is kinky or fine, it is susceptible to tangles. If you have trouble detangling your hair (or your kids), here are some tips to make it much easier: 1. Always, always use conditioner after you shampoo. Apply conditioner to the bottom two-thirds of your hair. If you have normal or dry hair, […]

What bonds coarse, kinky and curly hair is the wave pattern, texture and its porosity. Porosity means that hair can easily absorb water, but loses that moisture just as quickly, leaving it dry and in desperate need of hydration. For this reason, it’s important to zero in on hair products that lock in moisture because if your hair is dry and brittle, breakage […]

I have finally found the perfect Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner for my little beauty. This line is absolutely amazing.

Motions recently changed it’s packaging keeping some of the formulas the same and improving others. I recently tried the Lavish Conditioning Shampoo and Moisture Plus. I love how this shampoo and conditioner works together! It really got my hair silky smooth and shiny!