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As a loyal weave-wearer, I am always searching for ways to keep my natural hair healthy underneath my weave. Since it’s mostly covered, it’s hard to keep moisturized. And if your hair is anything like mine, it eats grease, lotions and pretty much everything you put in it. Sigh.

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I figured, if I am able to get to the hair underneath my weave more often, it would grown thicker and longer. Desperate for a remedy, I tried Under Hair Care that came in three adorable blue bottles.

Super excited to have a product specifically created to nourish the hair streaming out of my head, I screwed off the top and inhaled a nose full. Yummy. It smelled like fabric softner for hair. The slim nozzle was clearly created to reach tough spots like the spaces in between your tracks. I gave it a squeeze and let it flow into my scalp. It felt like a soothing sensation, the type you feel when your hair stylist scrubs your scalp during a much-needed wash.

And it smelled even better. One of the most annoying things about weaves, is having your real hair smell underneath. So having a product that not only conditions your hair but keeps it smelling like fresh laundry is a major plus.

The Under Hair Care package consists of 3 components: a cleanser, leave-in conditioner and restoring oil. The lightweight leave in conditioner is my favorite because it left my hair feeling silky smooth and boyfriend literally sniffing my forehead.

So next time your in the market for some good hair stuff, try Under Hair Care’s value set for $49.


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