In the wake of intense violence nationwide, we must decide now if we are going to allow systemic violence against marginalized communities to become part of the status quo, or are we going to make a change.

Mothers are by far the most special creatures on the planets. Literally bringing life into this world with the ability to nurture and support that there offspring into becoming its own full grown human. My goodness, the miracle of life is astounding! As this special day dawns on us, it’s important to reflect on the […]

Her family is demanding more answers into her 2015 hanging death in a Texas jail.

"What this film seeks to do is humanize Sandy as a person. I think that we achieved that very well," Sandra Bland's sister, Sharon Cooper, said.

"Say Her Name: The Death and Life of Sandra Bland" will debut on the cable network in December.

In the three years since you've been gone we are still here learning, fighting and loving in your honor.

From the golf course to Waffle House to our own homes, our lives and bodies are constantly under attack.


As the third anniversary of her tragic and untimely death approaches this July, the family of Sandra Bland still want answers as to why she was found hanged to death inside her Texas jail cell. Now, HBO has an upcoming documentary that investigates the events surrounding her arrest and heartbreaking death. All stemming from a […]

In the wake of Stephon Clark's death, I am thinking about his children and the history of those affected by tragedies like this.

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The Houston Museum of African-American Culture opened an exhibition for Black History Month that honors Sandra Bland.

"The hope is that there’s more of a coming together. The hope is that it continues to create a dialogue," said the documentary's executive producer, Julius Tennon.

It seems impossible to scroll through your Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, and news alerts without being bombarded with images of Black and brown men, women and even children being murdered in cold blood at the hands of police all over the country.