HB Features 2018


Source: Azikiwe Aboagye / @_azikiwe_ I’ve never known myself without my scar. In late January, 1991, my mom, eight months pregnant with my brother, received a call saying I had been rushed to Kings County Hospital. Forty percent of my infant body had been scalded by a pot of hot water. By some miracle, she […]

HB Features 2018

Beyonce may be hella busy with motherhood, marriage and maintaining control of the Internet, yet still she manages to keep her foot on our necks. The announcement of the Adidas x Ivy Park collection is yet another receipt that proves, Queen Bey isn’t just worthy of the hype, she is the hype. From the moment […]

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley is just one of the millions of women that struggle with this form of severe hair loss.

In today’s episode of ‘Steal Our Culture, Reject Our Problems,’ Instagram influencer Ghadeer Sultran has been accused of rockin' blackface in a series of Instagram posts. Why is this still happening in 2020?

For far too long, little Black girls have not been allowed to be little girls...and that's a serious problem.

The British beauty set the tone at the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards as our 2020 fashion darling.

For as long as Nagina Lane could remember, she was never fully in love with herself. Her big brown hair frames her face like a bloomed sunflower and you can feel her energy through her smile. Yet, her struggle to find beauty in her imperfections, combined with the recent death of her mother and closest […]

Some important New Year's Resolutions to ensure that you are happy and mentally strong in this new decade.

HB Features 2018

Whew chile, we are almost at the finish line! We can finally bid 2019 farewell and usher in 2020. Let’s be clear, this year made all of us it’s bitch in some way but there were plenty of big things poppin too. Oh, and speaking of big things (pun intended), plus size women did their […]

We're looking back at the top inventions and beauty methods that were popularized over the past 10 years.


From the red carpet to the runway, these naturalistas broke the Internet with these iconic natural hair moments of the 2010s.