In her new memoir "Unhinged," the former reality star is spilling of the president's tea. But is she telling the truth?

Omarosa is heading back to her reality TV roots—to terrorize her housemates instead of American citizens. It has just been announced that the latest cast of Celebrity Big Brother will include the former White House employee. After being literally put out of the White House, threatening to write a tell-all about her time in the […]

Ever since she first graced our television screens over 15 years ago while on The Apprentice (also hosted by the current Idiot in Chief) many Americans have tried to shake Omarosa Manigault for good, but she just keeps reappearing—like the itch that just never stops. Now, the former Trump White House employee has a new […]

Omarosa Manigault-Newman allegedly recorded confidential White House conversations and now worries about being ensnared in Russia probe.

Unsurprisingly, the stories surrounding Omarosa Manigault’s departure from the Trump White House are still pouring in, with many speculating exactly why she left (or was fired) after riding so hard for #45. Well, according to one former Real Housewives of Atlanta star, the reasoning is a lot more personal than people think. While on The […]

For these folks, this year was filled with scandal, public embarrassment and the frequent dragging by Black Twitter.

Reports claims the reality star will earn as much as $10 million for a book deal and she is ready to spill every drop of the tea.

Chief of staff John Kelly is reportedly tired of the former reality star distracting the president with negative news coverage and conspiracy theories.

#BlackTwitter is collectively losing its sh*t over a viral photo of an alleged Janet Hubert Facebook status in which she calls Omarosa, “n*ggerosa.” The epic read is circulating the net and snatching edges with every retweet. After scanning the former French Prince actress’ Facebook page, we were unable to find the social update, so we’re […]

There are whispers that Omarosa tried to rain on April Ryan‘s parade as she was celebrating a big night at the NABJ conference. April received the honor of becoming the NABJ’s 2017 Journalist of the Year over the weekend, and her friends could not wait to toast the White House correspondent for all of her […]