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1. The Clinton White House

Omarosa Source:Getty

According to a 2004 report by People Magazine, Manigault was terminated from working in the Clinton-Gore administration after holding four different positions during a two-year stint. Manigault who began working for the administration at 23, was first hired to respond to invitations sent to Al Gore. She later transitioned to become a scheduling correspondent, then was transferred to the White House personnel office before ending her tenure in the Commerce Department.

2. “The Apprentice” Season 1 (2004)

2004 VH1 Divas - Backstage Source:Getty

The world was introduced to Omarosa on Season 1 of Donald Trump’s entrepreneurship NBC reality show. A central polarizing figure, many found her personality abrasive and unfriendly, while others thought she was a shrewd businesswoman. At the end she left the show, coming in the 8th place.

3. “Fear Factor ” Season 5 (2005)

Fear Factor - Season 5 Source:Getty

Manigault was a contestant on season 5, which featured former reality stars. She made to fourth place before she was eliminated.

4. “The Apprentice” Season 7 (2008)

The Celebrity Apprentice Finale Source:Getty

She made a highly publicized return to season 7 of the show that made her famous, but was later fired, lasting a bit longer this round to come in sixth place.

5. “The Apprentice” Season 13 (2013)

'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' Red Carpet Event Source:Getty

The reality star returned to the tv screen on season 13’s “All-Star Celebrity” round. She went to head to head multiple times with La Tyoya Jackson, isolating herself again from the others. Manigault made to round tenth place before she was let go.

6. The Trump White House


In part deaux of her White House adventure, we all watched with side eye and raised eyebrows as the former reality star campaigned her way into the orange brigade, serving as Trump’s director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison. Everything seemed smooth sailing until she left her post a the White House on December 13 in a cloud of smoke and mystery. Did she quit or was she fired? With Trump’s history we pick the latter.