Believe that you have everything you need to make your wildest dreams come true.

In a perfect world, we’d all wake up early, go on a run, eat a healthy breakfast, and then head into work to tackle our next big project. As self-starters, we’d be brimming with energy and enthusiasm and wouldn’t even consider procrastinating before a deadline. In the real world, however, we don’t always live up […]

Our children are the most precious things to us and keeping them healthy and motivated are important. If you are expecting or contemplating on having children, it is best for you to prepare yourself. Children today are growing up in a time where decisions can take a positive or negative affect on their lives. As parents, […]

Personally, I’ve always considered myself a “creative” person. Writing, art, and music are three of my passions and putting together something artistic, whether it’s with words or pictures, has always come easy for me. There are people, however, that find it hard to fathom the written word or really find a place in the arts. […]

It’s normal to get nervous when stuff starts changing in your favor. It can even be downright scary when something you never expected to happen happens. As the old saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for…because you might even get it.”

While on the subway today, I had an interesting thought as I looked at myself in the opposite window. When you look at yourself in any mirror, it makes sense that we’re the ones that know our individual selves best. We live with ourselves our entire lives and sometimes it’s hard to gain perspective on […]

(From I have a riddle for you. What would you call people who can: help keep your weight off, boost your confidence, and make fitness fun? You might call them “miracle workers.”