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While on the subway today, I had an interesting thought as I looked at myself in the opposite window. When you look at yourself in any mirror, it makes sense that we’re the ones that know our individual selves best. We live with ourselves our entire lives and sometimes it’s hard to gain perspective on that, since we never clearly see how others see us. We’re used to “being ourselves” all of the time, therefore, our own individual traits don’t lead for much variation in how we see the world. Although people do change as they get older, sometimes we are the last person to see our individual changes or notice people’s reactions to us. For example, you could be looking at yourself and see all of the flaws that exist in your face, but if someone else was looking at you, they might not see those bad qualities and might even be drawn to you. You could think your hair is too straight or too curly, but someone else might envy your hair or relate with you because their hair is the same way. It all depends on perspective: sometimes it’s good to step back and realize that what we wear, how we look, and what we do can be seen in a different light by others. Even if you might see all the bad qualities, there’s always another side of the equation that’s waiting to be discovered. Of course, the opposite could always be true, but to be optimistic, nothing is ever as it seems. We are who we are because of genes, environment, and a ton of other factors in life that come together as a person. What if what you see in yourself is different from other people’s perceptions of you?

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To use a cheesy quote, “Don’t frown because someone could be falling in love with your smile.” It’s always good to keep your head on your shoulders and realize that how you act day to day is a representation of how you’re perceived. What you wear and how you portray yourself to others is all complied to create your “public” image as opposed to what you see as your “private” image. For example, I could be wearing what I consider my best outfit on the train, but I’m biased since it’s my body and I am perpetually a witness to what I wear. It’s hard to make an objective opinion of anything if that’s all you’re used to. No one is around you as much as yourself, so what exactly does that mean for every day life? Honestly, I’ve learned over the years that it’s just best to be yourself and not care about what others think about you, since only you can judge yourself effectively. You could want to be someone else, but you can never escape from yourself. This might sound incredibly obvious, but how often do you think about yourself and how your whole life is lived through one body of experience? Just thinking about that once a day can make you realize that life is different than you perceive and that there are multiple perspectives to think about when delving into what people think of you. Nothing is concrete, therefore, your persona is ever-changing based on how you view yourself and how you react to what others think about you.

Being yourself can go a long way, especially if you’re aware that your own thoughts on yourself can completely go against whatever others might see you as. In order to be objective, it’s important to realize that thinking positively about yourself could translate to your outside persona. What if you look good in an outfit that you never realized? What if your curly hair really is attractive to some people and if you just show confidence in yourself, it could pay off in your relationships? Some people might be charmed by your weird sense of humor or crazy anecdotes, but it’s important that you recognize these traits in yourself as well. You might have admirers long before you recognize these traits, but if you’re under-confident about it, you might not be showing most people your true potential. There’s always time to change your outlook on life, therefore, gaining perspective on your own views of yourself is positive for those seeking to motivate change in themselves and others.

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