The former tight end allegedly has multiple victims and is being charged with two counts of kidnapping with intent to rape, two counts of forcible rape, one count of forcible sodomy and burglary charges.

"Ms. Kardashian you are literally helping to save my life and restore me to my family. I was drowning and you have thrown me a life jacket and given me hope," Johnson wrote.

It’s finally Friday, the beginning of a weekend of freedom, which also happens to include your birthday. Your family, friends and spouse all have celebratory plans for you. You have a rewarding career and a network of beautiful people who want to rejoice in your life. As you walk out to your car to officially […]

Within each and everyone once of us, there’s a champion inside, dying to be released to show you exactly how much you can do if you just let it out. Transformational life coach, Lisa Nichols wasn’t always on top of her game, “When you set your champion free, it’s scary. I got a fail in […]

Have you ever felt like you need an upgrade on your life? Most of us have and there’s a way to get it! There are never any easy answers to creating the living the life you want, but there is a path to a solution. “Don’t be afraid of making your life clearer,” Dr. Sanjay […]

Fears are crippling. This is coming from an extroverted woman with no fear of speaking her mind, but put me in front of a small crowd and ask me to speak about anything–my job, my passions, my boo–and I clam up. My palms get sweaty, my throat gets dry, my breath gets short and my […]

I don’t think it’s a secret that women live longer than men. Studies have been proving this for years. One of the big reasons is that our immune systems age slower, but beyond that, Dr. Bradley Nelson says there’s more to it than that. For once, our emotions act to our advantage! Simply put, women […]