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Fears are crippling. This is coming from an extroverted woman with no fear of speaking her mind, but put me in front of a small crowd and ask me to speak about anything–my job, my passions, my boo–and I clam up. My palms get sweaty, my throat gets dry, my breath gets short and my mind goes blank. I have no idea why my fear of being in front of people is so debilitating. But I have learned that I must let of this fear, not only because fears suck, but in order to be a real boss out here in the world, you can’t let fear take you out of the game.

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I’ve consulted with international speaker, trainer, and author, Monica Wofford, who also preps managers who were promoted prepare for their leadership roles. Check out the 15 fears Monica affirms that many of us need to let go in order to lead.

The fear it won’t all get done

The fear of having fun

The fear of what others think

The fear of making a stink

The fear of taking a risk

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