Bennet Omalu, the real life doctor who inspired the Will Smith film, "Concussion" believes there should be an age of consent for children to play football.

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President Obama will be one of the last guests on 'The Daily Show' with Jon Stewart as host.

It was literally just announced that South African biracial comedian, Trevor Noah would succeed Jon Stewart as the new host of “The Daily Show.” While we’re still throwing confetti and eating cake to celebrate, cyber bullies have already scrolled to way back when, in Noah’s Twitter feed and slammed him for his racist and sexist jokes. It […]

Trevor Noah is a 31-year-old comedian from South Africa who has been tapped to replace Jon Stewart as the new hot of “The Daily Show.” Noah made is debut as an on-air contributor on the show in December, serving up hilarious segments about his life as a biracial South African living in the United States. […]


  Jessica Williams was added to the cast of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as a correspondent at only 22 -year-old. Clearly, we’re obsessed with her. It’s been five years of her making us laugh on the show and she’s more than proved her comedic weight! She’s fearless to sound the alarm on America’s […]


Lately, Republican politician Mike Huckabee has made a lot of noise in trying to pin Beyonce as the ultimate ruin of America’s “culture of crude.” (Feel free to roll your eyes here.) Because of that, he was invited as a guest to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to further explain why he chose Beyonce out of […]

Last night, while thousands of protestors marched in New York City to protest the non-indictment of Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the murder of Eric Garner, the usually upbeat Daily Show host, Jon Stewart opened his show on a somber note. MUST READ: #ICantBreathe: Protestors Demand Justice For Eric Garner “I honestly don’t know what to say. […]

Jon Stewart let FOX News know exactly how ridiculous they sound when discussing Ferguson. FOX has very clearly come down on the Darren Wilson side of things in Michael Brown‘s tragic shooting death because privilege. From criticizing protestors to being willfully ignorant of the history of police brutality and the Black community, conservatives on the […]

“Do you not understand that life in this country is inherently different for White people than it is Black people?” “The Daily Show” returned this week after Jon Stewart’s vacation and personally, I couldn’t wait to hear his commentary on the tragedy in Ferguson. He didn’t disappoint. Stewart dedicated nearly the entire episode to taking […]