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It was literally just announced that South African biracial comedian, Trevor Noah would succeed Jon Stewart as the new host of “The Daily Show.” While we’re still throwing confetti and eating cake to celebrate, cyber bullies have already scrolled to way back when, in Noah’s Twitter feed and slammed him for his racist and sexist jokes.

It was Buzzfeed’s Business Editor, Tom Gara who pointed out Noah’s old tweets, claiming that the new 31-year-old host should have cleaned up his social media before getting the high profile job. Why? Because evidently as a comedian, Noah’s jokes about Jewish people and women weren’t seen as humorous and instead bigotry.

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As we all know, in comedy, the thin line between funny and offensive is often stomped on by a comedian’s sick sense of humor. With Noah, this line is certainly crossed, but much like comedic greats like Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle, racial humor is subtlety and expertly done without making them look racist. It’s a delicate balance, but it can be done. In fact, humor mostly calls for offending someone.

We will always champion for women, but Trevor’s tweets that were considered sexist were merely jokes.

The difference between the above joke and say, fellow comedian, Artie Lange offensive sexist and racist tweets about ESPN host, Cari Champion is that Artie singled out one Black woman and made her the butt of his slavery rape fantasies and Noah is making social and racial commentary about the tragedy of hookers in Thailand. Most of the time jokes keep us laughing to keep from crying about the harsh reality of our world.

For Gara and the rest of Noah’s critics to care so deeply about why his Twitter account wasn’t vetted, we’re wondering if they’re all just searching for reasons to crucify this new brown face coming to fill the big shoes of Jon Stewart? Trevor actually tweeted and deleted his response, saying, “Twitter does not have enough characters to respond to all the characters on Twitter.” Truer words never spoken. The fine tooth comb that’s raking over Trevor’s tweets is so unnecessary and implies that Noah’s not allowed to grow or evolve from his less mature and possibly offensive humor into the smart and pop culture commentary we’ve come to expect on “The Daily Show.” There’s a reason he was chosen for this job and all the critics should at least wait until after his first episode to have something negative to say. Sheesh, can we live? Better yet, can we tweet?!


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