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Okay. So how many of us are so happy Google has come into our lives? How the hell did anyone check movie times, get directions, look at pictures, find a recipe, or figure out what’s that red itchy bump in a certain place?

Why Google Saves Your A**

The Internet has taken over and there is no stopping it. The technologic life were living in is only going to grow and who knows what’s next. Are you an avid “Googler?” Are you a Google addict? Sometimes this Google generation is using the tool of the Internet towards their advantage but others are getting into trouble when using Google in the dating world.

Ever “Google” someone? I mean who doesn’t want to know if you man is wanted in over 30 states and has been on the run for the past 10 years? But sometimes people can take it too far and hurt the relationship. Once you know your man has a clean record and a swat team wont be breaking down your down in the middle of the night in search for your bad boy, stop “Googling”

Tips For Perfect Dating Profile

Take a look at 4 ways Google can ruin a relationship:

1. Cheating Your self: Finding out via Internet that your man is fluent in 15 different languages or is an award winning writer isn’t as much fun as hearing it from him firsthand.

2. Assuming To Much: Now that you read his bio online your going into this date thinking and expecting a lot more then what he is probably going to offer. What you have learned about him can nowhere be expressed in a 90-minute dinner conversation. You learn he is from a wealthy family and your vision of him will likely be skewed by these “facts” from the Web.

3. I Know Him: Your going to go into this date being a stalker. You have already created this image of him in your head and you have now formed this artificial stalkerish attachment in your mind.

4. Fake it: If you have read up on this guy everything you talk about during this date is going to be inauthentic since you’re pretending to learn all of these new things. I hope you went to acting school. Also, what if you forget what he has already told you to what you read the night before? If you slip up and mention something about him that he has not yet told you, well lets just say the stalker alarm will be going off in his head.

Are You In A Long Distance Relationship?

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