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I came across this little tidbit on and decided to share with you guys.

It seems that Teyana and Drake aren’t really buddies after all, a few weeks ago she posted pics of them locking lips and now she’s calling him gay!!! WTH???

Here’s what happened:

Teyana goes on and she is broadcasting live from her webcam. She has 2 gay n***as and some loud ass girl in the background talking s**t about Angela and Vanessa Simmons, a bunch of Twitter crap! So the girl in the back, I think her name was Alycia, is talking all loud about how she needs to fight Angela and Vanessa and how they b**hes and being fake on Twitter, blah, blah, blah! LMAO!!!!!!! All this time Alycia is in the background actin super ghetto, Teyana is on her webcam talking to 1200 people laughin at her friend talking s**t to Vanessa on the phone. Teyana pulls out a Bible and starts trying to find Bible scriptures about getting along…wtf?!!!!!

So like 20 minutes later Teyana gets off cam and lets these 2 gay n***as run her show while she gets on the phone with Vanessa SImmons I guess…Now, Teyana is in the back arguing and the gay n***as thought that they had turned off the mic on the laptop but like dumbasses it was still on! AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Teyana was saying, about Drake: “First, I don’t even talk to light skinned n***as, Second I think he’s gay!” WOOOOOWOWOW!!! Shit was hella funny…and she was denying all kinds of s**t that we’ve been hearing in the rumors section at

So, the whole chat room is typin the 2 gay n***as trying to tell them that we can hear everything but they thougt people were just saying that to get them to turn the mic back on, but they never turned the mic off in the first place! One of the gay dudes was telling the other gay dude, “stop talking because they cant hear you.” But we heard everything!!!

When are celebs going to learn they cannot put all their business on the internet?

Check out Teyana below:

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