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Authorities believe their deaths were accidental. 

"When social media portrays violent acts such as a video or photo of someone being assaulted, involved in a violent act, or attempting or completing suicide, the psychological effects can be wide ranging and are never positive," Dr. Forshee told HB.

The controversial lyricist was found dead in his car Monday afternoon.

World leaders, politicians and supporters expressed their sympathy after matriarch Barbara Bush died on Tuesday. She was 92 years old.

The girls, aged 14-18, were discovered during one of four missions carried out by Italian authorities.


Tereasa Martin appears on “The Dr. Oz Show” to discuss Kenneka Jenkins' death and question the thoroughness of the police investigation.

The actress and musician opens up about how losing her mother to breast cancer impacted her life.

The badass cyclist tragically lost her life while performing a stunt on the set of 'Deadpool 2.'

The founder of the iconic hip-hop group passed away early Thursday morning.

Greek police said that the brawl started after Bakari Henderson asked to take a picture with a waitress.