With this important cleaning tool sold out in many stores across the country, these videos will help you whip them up at home, quick!

Who remembers Sunday house cleaning rituals with music blasting and headscarf on? (Raises hand).

If you missed the boat on spring (and summer) cleaning, that’s okay. It’s always a good time to get organized and purge yourself of those sea-green pumps that you haven’t worn since 2010. We’ll talk you through four ways to organize your closet that will leave you feeling lighter and refreshed! Do you even want […]

Spring cleaning isn’t just a once a year overhaul. It helps to freshen a home after winter, clears away clutter and simplifies regular cleaning tasks. The bathroom should be regularly cleaned if only to keep germs under control. There are some cleaning chores that can be done on a somewhat longer schedule than the weekly […]

I recently got my hands on a Dyson vacuum cleaner and when it was delivered to my office, I knew I would need help getting it home. Not that it was heavy, but the box was definitely going to be hard to maneuver on a crowded subway train at rush hour. So, I reached out […]

There are some places we only clean a few times a year and then there are places that, somehow, often never get cleaned. They just don’t seem to need it…but they do. Now, we’re not suggesting you go all OCD but you might want to add a few of these to your annual, or semi-annual, […]

Getting rid of stuff seems to be the chore we all dread. But when closets are crowded, drawers are jumbled, and shelves overflow, it can really slow you down. Tackle the problem by taking a little time every day to focus on just one or two areas (like kitchen counters) that drive you crazy. These […]

Getting our deposit back after moving is something most of us look forward to. To us, it’s kinda like “found money” and can be quite useful to balance out moving costs. Here are 7 things to do before moving out which helps ensure your deposit check is in the mail from apartmenttherapy.com: 1) Patch up […]