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I recently got my hands on a Dyson vacuum cleaner and when it was delivered to my office, I knew I would need help getting it home. Not that it was heavy, but the box was definitely going to be hard to maneuver on a crowded subway train at rush hour. So, I reached out to my son who came to my rescue. Of course, we had to make a pit stop at his place, which was no biggie as we were going to watch Game 1 of the Yankees/Tigers ALDS playoff series.

So as we settled in to watch the game, drinks in hand, I noticed he was inspecting the box and his curiosity was really getting the best of him, and then I heard the magic words: “Ma, can we open it?” Being that I could never say no to him, and more importantly the game was in a rain delay (LOL) I told him to “go for it,” and before I could say “can I have a refill?”the box was open and the vacuum cleaner was ready to be put to the test.

Assembly is easy – just 3 easy steps and no tools required. If you get stuck attaching the wand (which we had trouble with, based on the picture), simply turn it around to the other side and it should snap right in.

Before I continue, you need to know that no one can enter his living room with their shoes on, and the carpet is always clean (or so we thought)!

Once the living room was cleared out, he went to work…this guy was having the time of his life, he vacummed the room three times!! He was on a roll and loving every minute of it, and was looking for any excuse to continue. We had to beg him to stop. After getting him to take a break, we looked at the cannister and could not believe the amount of dust and particles that was pulled out of the carpet.

One of the features of the Dyson vacuum cleaner that caught our attention was how long the cord was, you could take it from room to room without having to unplug it. The tools that come with the animal are awesome, he used it to dust his ceiling fan, clean the wood floor in his son’s room and the tiled floor in the kitchen.

I ended up having to leave the vacuum at his house that night because of the heavy rain that night and when I woke up the next morning, guess who was on the phone raving about how amazing his carpet looked in the daylight??

And if you thought I was making this stuff up take a look at his girlfriend’s latest tweet:

Easy to assemble, easy to use, this carpet has not looked this good since they bought it. Highly recommend!!!

He could not stop raving about the vacuum cleaner, now if I can only get him to bring it to my house this weekend as promised!!!

$600 at dyson.com

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