Throughout her career, Cassie has been synonymous with trend-setting hair. See our gallery of styles from shaved sides to long, romantic curls.

In a disturbing lawsuit, Cassie accused Diddy of years of abuse.

Cassie has a sense of style and natural beauty that cannot be denied. The singer-actress-model is a style chameleon and trend transformer of sorts. First on the scene in the 2000s, Cassie ate up the girlies before anyone even knew what was on the menu. She stunted for the ‘gram before one existed. And she […]

Cassie was spotted on Instagram serving face and body in a Lace by Tanaya dress that's everything.

Cassie shared photos from her appearance at The Blonds fashion show and she looked incredible.

Cassie took to Instagram to celebrate her platinum plaque and show off her killer fashion sense in the process.

The singer dives into her new chapter in life which includes being a wife and mother.


Nearly two weeks after her wedding to Alex Fine, Cassie is sharing some photos and details about her beautiful nuptials and iconic proposal. In an interview with Vogue, the 33-year-old model and singer said that when Alex proposed to her, she “lost my sense of hearing.” “I looked up and saw our initials tied up […]


Of course, the singer's ex, Diddy, had something to say.


The 33-year-old is living her best life with a new fiancé and a bundle of joy on the way! Diddy who?

Gone are the days when pregnancy meant career death. Career women are doing it all with the support of their tribes and making it look like a scene out a Marvel movie. In the recent weeks, Princess Love, Danielle Brooks and Cassie all announced their pregnancies, joining the list of celebrity women who are currently […]


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