Even my three year old my son knows he want to own an ice cream shop when he grows up. I encourage him and listen to his ideas about running his own business, hiring a staff and ordering ice cream. Is your child interested in running a business? If so, here are 10 entrepreneurs your […]

What will your kids do on Winter Break? Hopefully they’ll do a little more than sit around and sulk and complain that they’re bored like most kids typically do. So during Winter break, break-out some cool activities that will not only keep them occupied but these cool activities will earn you some cool points as […]

Gone are the days of just Ice cream and cake, today’s birthday parties are all about themes. For my daughters first birthday I knew I wanted it to be all about Minnie Mouse.  Mouse ears and pink and white polka dots? How could I resist such cuteness! But seeing as this was my first time […]

The best part of being a parent is the way regular everyday activities suddenly become adventures when you bring a child along. I’ve remarked many times about how the world completely opened up to me in a different way once I had my daughter Ayva. Now that she’s a little older, we’re more intentional in […]

It’s no secret! Parenting will be the hardest job you will ever have. There’s tons of books and not one single manual on how to be a great parent. And things get even more complicated with you meet someone, fall in love, and your families are now blended. When families “blend” to create stepfamilies, things rarely […]

The department stores are already decked out with holiday décor so it’s prime time to get in some last minute family activities before the holiday season blows in like the frigid winter wind! If you know your house will be bustling with a boatload of kids, siblings and out-of-town aunts and uncles who are scheduled […]

If you really want to help your child impress their teacher, then forget about bringing an old apple to school. That is unless you plan to slice that apple open, throw some lemon juice on it to bind it with oxygen and prove that there are sure-fire scientific ways to keep that apple from turning […]

Reading is fundamental. It makes the world go ’round. Having an avid little reader starts at home and fostering a reader-friendly environment doesn’t have to be complicated. There’s no need for expensive curriculum promising to teach your child how to read. Everything you need is accessible for free. Here are some tips to help jump-start […]

This is the time of year when a few things are inevitable. The temperature is going to drop, the coffee shop drinks are going to get more decadent, and you’re going to need to use your sick days at work because somebody is bound to catch a cold! Well, how cool would it be if […]

Kids develop a sense of style pretty early in adolescence. They develop an affinity for fashion and have clear personal preferences for color palettes and how they want to style their hair and wear their clothes. You can help your child build their personal style with reassurance by giving them the room to engage their […]

Kevin Hart is more than just a comedian turned hilarious actor. The Philadelphia born and bred funnyman decided to help out the struggling Philadelphia school system by donating a quarter of a million dollars! “I felt like the city was in a time of need. I feel like it’s good to step up and show […]

Dads are the dudes who kids can count on to fix a bike chain fast, get answers on how to handle a bully or brush up to when mom says no because a dad will almost always counter that answer with an unsuspecting yes. And when it comes to activities, dads can take his ideas […]