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Dads are the dudes who kids can count on to fix a bike chain fast, get answers on how to handle a bully or brush up to when mom says no because a dad will almost always counter that answer with an unsuspecting yes. And when it comes to activities, dads can take his ideas to infinity and beyond to create a climate of closeness with his kids. Here are 7 activities dads can do to build his swag with his brood.

1. Take your Child on a Date

This activity proves to be priceless. There’s nothing better than a dad who takes his daughter on a date and treat her like the princess she is. There are many activities like seasonal father-daughter dances you can check out in your area or simply just have a night out on the town at a local restaurant. This activity will not only be memorable for your daughter but will create binding and help her to build positive self-esteem. It is also an insightful way for her to gain an understanding of how a girl should really be treated. This activity is one that will help out in the long run.

2. Family Hobby

There used to be a time when you could find father and son tinkering away building something in the backyard. Whether it was building a homemade go-cart or working together to construct a shed, this activity provided closeness and helped give sons guidance from a strong male role model. Those days aren’t as prevalent anymore, but nothing can beat a family hobby. Dads can enlist both sons and daughters to put together a model train set, or

3. Roughing it: Camping or Hiking

With the advent of IPods, IPads and video games, it’s tough trying to get kids out of the house and away from their electronics. A good way to get your kids acclimated to the outdoors is to plan a camping or hiking trip! During this activity dads can teach their kids how to pitch a tent, learn a little about nature, or hike a trail and get some exercise in! And what a great way to build tradition by telling folktales by a campfire! And to top it all off, let your kids get tickled by the stories you tell about your younger days. It might be frustrating at first for your kids to be without their favorite gadgets but that activity is sure to build family togetherness.

4. Just Fishing

Sitting on the dock of the bay wasting time can surely teach your kids to appreciate life and have patience. We all know how kids want this now and hate to wait, fishing teaches your kids patience and the value of time. And while most families have very hectic and busy schedules with mom leading the way balancing many of the daily duties, fishing is a great way for dad to take the helm and slow down the pace and help kids enjoy the present moment. And don’t forget to insert a lesson or two on nature and conservation.

5. Be a student

Who says you know it all? You’d be surprised how your kids can teach you a thing or two! These days kids are computer-savvy by kindergarten and well-versed in video game technology before their teens. Take a backseat and let your kids show you what’s new! Learn how to jump rope or even pop a wheelie, the possibilities are endless! Be a student and swallow your pride and let your kids lead the activities! You might find a stress reliever within those activities!

6. Yard Play

Get out your super soaker and have fun in the sun! A good-old fashioned water gun challenge will ignite some real fun. Challenge your kids to a duel, or set up an inflatable pool connected to a plastic tarp and have your way slipping and sliding through the sprinklers and into the pool; it’s fun that dads are notoriously known for. You’ll love the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!

7. Go to a Car Show

Guys like cars and every year there’s bound to be a car show that hits your area. Even more, where I live there is a Saturday car show every month. A car show is a great activity for dads because kids can get a true history lesson and learn about a variety of cars from great American muscle car classics to high-end exotic vehicles. Dads can enlist both sons and daughters to put together a model train set, or build a treehouse in the backyard. It will be fun for everyone involved.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kia Morgan Smith is a busy mother of five, wife and blogger at where she tackles the whimsical journey of parenting. She’s a busy mom managing many things like hectic after school schedules, dinner and world domination. 

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