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What will your kids do on Winter Break? Hopefully they’ll do a little more than sit around and sulk and complain that they’re bored like most kids typically do. So during Winter break, break-out some cool activities that will not only keep them occupied but these cool activities will earn you some cool points as the most creative mom and dad ever! Check these out!

Jr MasterChef Competition – in your Kitchen

My kids have truly been inspired watching Chef Gordon Ramsey mentor schoolage kids while they whip up amazing dishes for the show Junior MasterChef. Well, it would really be cool to have your kids compete against each other making some dishes of their own. Whether it be crafting whimsical and fun cookie creations from the website or re-creating the best Bento Box creations, your kids will get a kick out of getting messy with mom! Even show your kids a cooking book and have them pick recipes they’d like to cook up with your assistance, of course. And just think of the science and math lessons that go hand-in-hand with these cooking lessons.

Baby-picture Scrapbooking

I literally have thousands of pictures in envelopes and I keep telling myself that I will one day organize them and make scrapbooks. But even better, I’ll let my kids do it! Scrapbooking is a fun activity that can literally last for hours. Give your kids various baby pictures of themselves, grab a scrapbooking kit online at or  Walmart and let them add funny phrases and be as creative as they want putting their own baby picture book together. Add on various pictures of them at different ages over the years, and they can even create a book that’s a timeline of their little lives!

Outside Adventures

No kids I know want to sit indoors during their winter break. Outside is where the action is. So help your kids make it a true adventure! With a few household props like blankets, and some large cardboard boxes, your kids can build a fort! While boys may want to use it as a fort or a faux military base, don’t be surprised if the girls in the group call it a dollhouse or break out your tableware and have a tea party in the garden (otherwise known as the backyard!) But there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned outdoor adventure to break the monotony while on a winter break!

Arts and Crafts of a Different Kind – Crazy Crafts with Duck Tape!

While painting is fun, doing outrageous and crazy arts and crafts is a great way to keep kids content while on winter break. Take a bunch of duct tape in different colors and varieties and have at it and design some shoes, or make a duck-tape neck tie for dad or even a rose wreathe decoration for the holidays! How about a  baseball cap that can actually be worn! Who knew duck tape had so many uses? Kids will go ga-ga over being allowed to take tape and make the most of it. Just make sure they don’t tape each other to a desk!

Make Junk Mail Masterpieces

That pile of junk mail sitting on your desk can keep your kids occupied for hours. Tear it, shred it and repurpose those papers with precision! With scissors in hand, some glue, tape, glitter and anything you can think of, kids can create some cool new items like this junk mail Christmas tree! This is where their creative side will shine and it doesn’t cost a dime for them to decorate and design with things already around your home!

Winter Break will not be boring if you infuse these activities into your kids’ at-home holiday schedule!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kia Morgan Smith is a busy mother of five, wife and blogger at where she tackles the whimsical journey of parenting. She’s a busy mom managing many things like hectic after school schedules, dinner and world domination. 

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