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This is the time of year when a few things are inevitable. The temperature is going to drop, the coffee shop drinks are going to get more decadent, and you’re going to need to use your sick days at work because somebody is bound to catch a cold! Well, how cool would it be if you could go an entire season without anyone in your family getting sick?

Follow these seven tips for keeping a cold away, and you just might be able to dodge illness this year!

1. Wash your hands.

Germs are pesky little things, aren’t they? They are on door handles, faucets, toys, computers…everywhere you want to be! Make sure your family members wash their hands often, and definitely before they even think about stepping foot in the kitchen!

2. Eat good food.

If you want your body to be strong enough to defend itself against colds, you need to make sure you’re filling it up with lots of nutrients. Eating leafy greens like spinach or kale, and foods filled with Vitamin C like sweet potatoes and grapefruit will fill you up, and give you the strength to stay healthy!

3. Bundle up.

There is nothing cute about being cold. Make sure you and the folks in your family have appropriate cold weather gear to face the elements. Even though a lot of teens and preteens don’t like wearing coats, you can get lined hoodies and layer them with other warm clothing irons. Also, much of your body heat escapes from your head and your feet, so wear nice thick socks, and a super warm hat to ward off the cold.

4. Take vitamins.

Even if you’re eating good food, everyone in your family should still consider taking a multivitamin. It’s just an easy way to ensure you’re getting the nutrients you need to stay well through the long winter months.

5. Get a new toothbrush.

Do you know how many germs live on a toothbrush? It’s a lot. Trust me. You should always replace your tootbrushes frequently, but I suggest getting a new one every month (or even more often!) during the cold weather months to make sure you aren’t taking old germs into a new month.

6. Beat a cold before it gets bad.

If you start to feel even a little bit ill, don’t try to be gangster about it…get some chicken noodle soup, take a warm shower, put on some jammies and rest! You might even consider taking a low dose of medicine to knock the cold out before it even gets a chance to knock you out!

7. Get plenty of rest

When your body is tired, it makes it difficult for it to fight off illness. Make sure your little ones are getting between 8 – 10 hours of sleep per night. And, Mama? You need to turn that television off and get in bed, too! Yes, even SuperWoman needs to get rest in order to stay healthy!

Did I miss anything? What are some other tips you have for staying healthy?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Brandi Jeter-Riley lives in Northern California with her daughter and husband (both of whom she shamelessly posts pictures all over the internet!). She is the co-founder of the Pushing Lovely writing group, and blogs at Tweet her @BrandiJeter

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