When it comes to one of our favorite beauty vloggers and Fenty models Alissa Ashley, hair is a big deal.

Remember when she paid $700 to get box braids earlier this year?

Since then, the pixie cut-haired 24-year-old has used the protective style to help grow her hair out. Now she’s ready to share her year-long journey with us.

Over the weekend, Alissa posted a video of how long her hair has grown over the past 12-months and all the styles she rocked to help her closer to her goal. Sis went from a teeny weeny fro to a bun y’all!

Take a look:

Sis, share your hair regimen with us? What oils are you using? What shampoo and conditioners?

Alissa is out here inspiring other folks:

What we really love about Alissa is her ability to mix it up with her hair, playing with color, braid technique, and style, one day she can rock a long ponytail or pleated braids or an afro.

So to celebrate Allisa even more, here are 10 of her best and versatile hair lewks of 2019.






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