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1. P.O.P. Hold It Down!

Donna Goudeau went viral after a snippet of her news interview hit social media. Her famous line “P.O.P, hold it down” and “Mama, I love you” became the most used phrase of 2014. Donna was actually telling the truth when she said she is legally blind. She is scheduled to be released from jail on July 19, 2029.

2. #Yeet

There were plenty of viral vines this year, but “Yeet” was definitely one of our favorites. The 13-year-old Texas native (who goes by LilMeatball on Instagram) has more than 117,000 likes and 136,000 revines on his famous #Yeet vine. The youngster said he was just “playing” around when his friend recorded him dancing. Check out this hilarious compilation of #Yeet dances.

3. #Bruh

Highschool basketball star Tony Farmer was sentenced to three years in jail after he attacked his girlfriend outside of her apartment complex and held her hostage. He infamously fainted in court when the judge delivered her decision. The moment went viral when someone added a “Bruh” voice over on top of the clip.

4. Shmoney Dance Compilation

Bobby Shmurda’s “Shmoney Dance” thrust him into fame. The clip where he tosses his hat to the sky and breaks into a groove became one of 2014’s most shared vines. Everyone from Spiderman (Lol) to Beyonce got in on Bobby Shmurda’s infectious “Shmoney Dance.”

5. Shout Out To All The Pears

Pears are having the best year ever. After dropping nearly 100 pounds, rapper Rick Ross shout out all the pears in the world.

6. My Cinnamon Apple

Vine is typically for comedic relief but we learned a valuable lesson from certain ones. Don’t cheat! “My f*cking cinnamon apple” became a hood term of endearment in 2014 after a boyfriend found out about his girlfriends infidelities.

7. Why You Mad?

Rihanna didn’t need to say much to her ex Chris Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Instead, the Bad Gal posted this vine that spoke volumes. The rest is history.

8. Eyebrowns On #Fleek

“Fleek” became a popular term in 2014 after this vine went viral. It also produced the ubiquitous phrase “da fuqq?”

9. #Gratata

We blame Chief Keef for this!