1. The Look Of Love

Solange is so happy with her new hubby!

2. A Couple Who Bikes Together

…stays together!

3. Questlove Spun All Night

You know you’re doing it when Questlove is your DJ.

4. Solange’s Second Line Party

This parade went from the church to the reception and Solange’s guests marched with her with glee!

5. Janelle Monae!

Without the pompadour, you can hardly recognize the high-energy beauty!

6. Riding Clean

Instead of “riding dirty,” these two are super clean!

7. We Like To Party

It’s party time!

8. 459102382

9. The Carters

We know this is Solange’s wedding, but Bey…

10. Get On The Bus

Jay, Bey, Solange & Alan couple up!

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