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Following last night’s premiere of the highly anticipated Salt-N-Pepa biopic on Lifetime, fans are still raving about the iconic group’s heavy influence on women’s fashion.

From their iconic asymmetrical bob to the sexy, cut up fashions, Cheryl “Salt” James,  Sandra “Pepa” Denton, and Deidra Muriel “Spinderella” Roper paved the way for women everywhere, breaking barriers in a male-dominated industry and using their style to show off their strength, power, sexiness, and femininity. It’s virtually impossible to honor the Queens trio without honoring their style.

Together, they taught us how to express ourselves through fashion, and how to do so unapologetically. Check out some of the most legendary looks from the Queens trio that have had a heavy influence on style today.

1. The Asymmetrical Cut

Salt N Pepa 1988 Source:Getty

When you think of Salt-N-Pepa you automatically think of their iconic hairstyles, the most popular being the asymmetrical bob. What started out as a bad perm accident by Pep’s sister actually turned out to be a huge fashion trend as 80s and 90s fans rushed to mimic the look. Even though that exact cut isn’t exactly making headlines today, you can still see its influence on women’s short and shaved hair trends today.

2. “Push It” Leather Jackets 

Salt 'N Pepa Portrait Shoot Source:Getty

Salt-N-Pepa’s leather jackets have become as signature to the group as Michael Jackson’s glove. The trio first debuted the trendy leather jackets in their “Push It” music video and the look has been a staple ever since. As revealed in last night’s biopic, the design was actually created by Christopher “Play” Martin of Kid ’N Play who worked with Salt and Pep at Sears, Roebuck & Co. before they all made it big.  He created the group’s “Salt-N-Pepa” logo and eventually grew into designing their “Push It” jackets which he created in collaboration with the legendary Harlem fashion designer, Dapper Dan, and the rest is history!

3. Kente Hats 

Salt-n-Pepa Source:Getty

The Salt-N-Pepa look wouldn’t have been complete without the Kente Hats the girls rocked with nearly every outfit when they first stepped on the scene. Paying homage to their roots and Kente designers in Harlem, the ladies made the look fashionable and paired the printed hats with big hoop earrings, leather jackets, and larger than life personalities to match.

4. Knee Pads 

Salt n Pepa Shooting a Video Source:Getty

Who would have thought that knee pads could be trendy? What started out as a purely functional garment that protected athletes from injury turned into a fashion trend when Salt-N-Pepa wore them with biker shorts, turning them into a sexy look that even high fashion designers like Chanel and pop stars like Madonna started to emulate.

5. Distressed Clothing 

Salt 'N Pepa (Various) Source:Getty

Salt-N-Pepa were wearing cut up and distressed clothing way before it was cool! In the video for “Shake Your Thang,” they turned the beloved 80s trend into a sexy, feminine look through distressed, ripped denim jeans and patched jackets. On the Salt-N-Pepa Biopic after-show hosted by Loni Love, Pep revealed that she was often responsible for most of the group’s cut up looks, joking that she would cut up anything that she could get her hands on if she could!

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