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The summer is seriously winding down now! Back in May when we were all anticipating our summer plans, going to the beach was one of the first things on our lists.  Just because it’s getting a little windier doesn’t mean that you need to stop thinking about sinking your toes into the sand.

Even though an amazing part about going to the beach is laying out until your skin feels like it’s melting and then jumping into the ocean, I find that I have a lot of fun there on colder days as well.  Throw on a sweatshirt and take that long walk on the beach that you normally would.

Something that my friends and I enjoy are bonfires at the beach.  Specifically, nighttime bonfires.  It’s a little windy by the water, perfect weather for a fire, marshmallows, and the occasional dip into the water.  The wind also makes it perfect for flying kites: so use this time to do two of your favorite summer activities!

So let’s end this summer right: Show the changing weather who’s boss by not changing your plans.  Keep yourself warm while still enjoying the sand between your toes and the feel of your hair from the salt water wind!

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