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There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh cut flowers. Or the taste of a tomato that was just picked.  Use your time this summer to give back to Mother Nature while growing your favorites outside.

Everyone enjoys walking through gorgeous gardens featuring all types of things.  We know it isn’t easy to plant the types of gardens that we see in movies.  But make something that’s your own and it will be just as special. Something that I didn’t realize is that there are a lot more things you can plant besides roses and tomatoes.  People grow their own mint, spinach, cucumbers, and peppers, making every meal more delicious with the touch of home in it.

I recently had a drink that was made from fresh fruit and mint right from my friend’s garden.  She put cold water in a jug and put her favorite fruits on a skewer.  It had tons of strawberries, apples, and oranges.  She let these soak in the water and threw some mint into the drink as well.  When I tried it it was essentially a refreshing glass of cold water, but it had a hint of mint in it and a fruity after taste.

I remember when I was growing up my mom was really into gardening.  It quickly became routine for us to go out in the morning and pick the fresh vegetables.  Once in a while we would pick out arrangements of flowers for the kitchen table. Gardening has not only been a hobby, but it has also become a memory.

Have you started a garden this summer? What are your favorite things to plant? Any tips? Fill us in!

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