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Beyonce Ivy Park x Adidas

Source: Adidas / Ivy Park

Beyonce may be hella busy with motherhood, marriage and maintaining control of the Internet, yet still she manages to keep her foot on our necks. The announcement of the Adidas x Ivy Park collection is yet another receipt that proves, Queen Bey isn’t just worthy of the hype, she is the hype. From the moment the visuals dropped, the Beyhive buzzed with excitement. I picked the pieces I wanted as the looks were released on social media. I desperately needed that orange set and super sleek white kicks (which I am impatiently waiting to receive in the mail) in my life.

The hype surrounding the Adidas x Ivy Park collection quickly turned into disappointment for me. Based on the press release, the collection would only be available in sizes XS – XL; with an XL translating to a size 16/18 at Adidas. Clearly, this meant that most of the plus size Beyhive members would have to sit this one out or settle for shoes and accessories (which I did). However, I won’t tell a lie, it bothered me; because in 2020 plus size women should not feel the effects of being excluded from something so damn dope. Yeah, we have been fighting for inclusion for years but this was not a space we expected to have that battle. This is Beyoncé, and considering her stance on inclusivity and the intent to empower the masses, this was disheartening.

Never mind the billions of dollars we contribute to retail or the fact that the average size of an American woman is between a 16 and 18; the plus size community is still fighting for a seat at the table. Sadly and oddly, there are still individuals and brands that don’t see the power of plus size people. Why? Because while the financial gains attached to offering plus sizes is apparent, many designers are afraid of plus size bodies and the work it requires to accommodate an abundance of curves. Then there are those that want us remain fat and frumpy, God forbid we be bold enough to flaunt or curves and wear what we want, like our girl Lizzo.

Beyonce Ivy Park x Adidas

Source: Adidas / Ivy Park

The statement was made that plus size fashion lack iconic moments. While I beg to differ, I definitely know that we lack options and opportunities and the Adidas x Ivy Park collection is another missed opportunity. How are we expected to compete on the same level when we aren’t given the same equipment as other players? We can’t. Plus size iconic moments will never look like those of straight size until the fashion industry open their minds and absorbs the truth about the plus size community. Potential only goes so far, we need our demands supplied if you want to see what we are capable of.

There are some who rightfully encourage the plus size community not to seek inclusion and to support only the brands that support plus size people. There are some who encourage plus size people to create what is lacking. While I agree with both of the aforementioned thoughts, I am here screaming “PLUS SIZE PEOPLE LIKE NICE THINGS!” We love fashion, we are no stranger to the slay and we style and wow with the best of them. So, Adidas, Ivy Park and any other brand that isn’t plus size friendly, get right or get left because we will pop style with or without you.

Oh and Beyonce, on behalf of all the tithe paying plus size Beyhive members, we forgive you sis. This was just a painfully blow and while the moment has passed, you know bee stings are painful until the stinger comes out.


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