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Church ladies everywhere, rejoice – Ms. Franklin’s bow headcover is about to go down in history, if she grants the Smithsonian permission to take her now iconic hat off her hands.


Michelle Obama’s now-famous Jason Wu gown isn’t the only piece of Inaugural fashion that is headed for the Smithsonian. The museum is also requesting the now-iconic hat that Aretha Franklin wore while singing at the swearing-in. Aretha, however, is still undecided about parting with her Luke Song-designed hat. “I am considering it. It would be hard to part with my chapeau since it was such a crowning moment in history,” says the Queen of Soul. “I would like to smile every time I look back at it and remember what a great moment it was in American and African-American history. Ten cheers for President Obama.”

Aretha was probably thinking, “damn… I was just trying to keep my ears warm!” Props to her for keeping it church-y.

Do you think Aretha should give it up? Let us know!

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