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When I first moved here from Ohio, I had to admit that I was nervous. I had unexpectedly lost my job, was stressed out ’cause the roomie was gettin’ on my nerves, and I was worried that my stay in Brooklyn was going to be a short one. Instead, that “short one” ended up being a 5’1″ too-cute-to-be-30-something-year-old that proved that it’s not where you’re from, but where you’re at!

My boy Andreas Hale, came by for a work-related trip and to get away from experiencing a bad Zohan episode, so we decided to hit up Studio B. I am not into the hipster thing so tough – I love it or hate it – but if Williamsburg is the place to be, no tight pants-wearing dude is gonna keep me from dancin’ with those tight-pants-wearin’ girlies. Anyhoo, at the end of the night, I managed to catch this girl’s eye and, with a flash of smile, we were politickin’ something official.

Baby girl was nice – just the right size for my taller-than-Ja-Rule self – and she could talk… intelligently, at that! After Dre broke out, homegirl and I took our act on the road. Straight to – you guessed it – McDonald’s – where we talked about everything from Obama’s rise in American politics to why MTV is doing a Real World in Brooklyn! She asks me, “Why are you single?” “Because I’m not looking for love,” I answered. She smiled. I did too… and like that, it was Lady and the Tramp all over again… but with french fries.

She was all that and a McFlurry, but there was one catch: she had a man. Even though he was an out-of-town boyfriend (St. Louis; far enough away for me to still holler), yours truly wasn’t down to be her late-night Casanova, and ended the night with hopes of hanging out again.

…The next day…

We planned to catch a movie and head to Union Square after meeting up at her place. Once that door opened, it gave way to a familiar face with a noticeably different look. I ask, “You alright?” She licks her lips in response, and all I can remember from that night was H-Town in the background, a few Hallelujahs and three broken plates…

Her tone was Pam Grier smoothness; she knew what she wanted, and I guess a part of me did, too…but I wasn’t looking for love. We got fresh, ready to step out, but there was a knock at the door. Shawty opens it up and – surprise! it was her boyfriend from St. Louis in town on a surprise red-eye visit.

As for me, I’m Joe Cool, but nervous because a situation like this could turn into an R. Kelly soap opera in a hot second. But homegirl was smooth – even for my taste. She introduced me, we shook hands and then she full-blown kissed him… in the mouth! Yes! In the mouth! I kinda felt sick to my stomach and wondered if this was how Hillary felt after finding out about Monica. Homegirl decided that spending quality time with her life-mate was more important than our date, and I hightailed it out of there like my name was the Roadrunner. I had only been gone for only about an hour when I got a text from the 30-year-old saying, “Will you come back for more?

I just looked at the text and laughed. The bottom line is, if you’re ever in a relationship and want to make sure that one’s significant other is faithful, remember these words: “It ain’t where you’re from, it’s where you’re at…

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