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candlesNo Thanksgiving table—or any dinner table, for that matter—is complete without candles. The soft, flickering light from candles sets an instantly intimate mood.

Here are some tips on how to decorate with candles this Thanksgiving from

• Avoid scented candles at a meal. Some people have strong allergic (or just averse) reactions to scented candles, and furthermore you don’t necessarily want the candles’ scents interfering with the aromas of the food.

• Make sure your candles don’t interfere with sight lines across the table. I usually associate this rule with flowers, but of course it’s true for candles too; if your guests have to crane their necks around tall tapers to talk to one another, you might want to move those tapers over to a sideboard.

Dress up your table this Thanksgiving

• Locate candlelight at different angles around the room. Try to do candles in other spots, not just the table; candlelight coming from different directions will add soft light throughout the room. Set up candles on your buffet or bar, in wall sconces, or along a windowsill.

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4 Thanksgiving looks to make you sizzle

Take a look at some table inspirations below:

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