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Angela Bassett Queens Photography

Source: National Geographic / Bethany Mollenkof

As the poster woman for royalty, Angela Bassett can recognize her fellow queen (hairy or not) because she is one. The beloved actress lends her riveting voice to National Geographic’s “QUEENS” limited series. If you’re a lover of the wildlife, in the highest of 4k, “QUEENS” is must-see TV for you. Through an e-mail exchange, the Black Panther actress opened up about her role as executive producer and narrator on the Nat Geo project and which queen of the wild (you can probably guess) she resonates with most.

HelloBeautiful: What intrigued you about “QUEENS” that made you want to sign onto the project as executive producer and narrator?

Angela Bassett: I was immediately drawn to “QUEENS” because it offers a unique and empowering perspective into the lives of these remarkable female animals. The storytelling captivated me; it seamlessly weaves together the narratives of these incredible creatures, highlighting their strength, resilience, and parallels to the experiences of women in our society. As the narrator, I saw an opportunity to contribute to a project that not only celebrated the majesty of the animal kingdom but also shed light on the universal themes of sisterhood, leadership, and the innate power within us all.

HB: Which animal in QUEENS do you relate to most and why?

Angela Bassett: I found a deep connection to the lioness featured in “QUEENS.” Much like these majestic creatures, Black women often navigate complex landscapes, demonstrating unwavering strength and fierce protectiveness within their communities. The lioness symbolizes courage, grace, and the ability to lead with both compassion and authority.

HB: Why should Black women tune in to watch QUEENS?

Angela Bassett: “QUEENS” is a celebration of the extraordinary strength and beauty that exists within the animal kingdom. The docuseries draws so many parallels to the experiences of Black women, highlighting our unique journeys and the shared qualities that make us queens in our own right. Watching “QUEENS” is an opportunity for women to see themselves represented and celebrated in a way that is both inspiring and affirming, with our female-led crew contributing to the series.

Angela Bassett Queens Photography

Source: National Geographic / Bethany Mollenkof

HB: How does it feel to be praised for your voice?

Angela Bassett: I am truly honored and humbled by the positive reception of my narration in “QUEENS.” The project allowed me to lend my voice to a narrative that resonates with people, and it’s incredibly rewarding to know that it has made an impact.

HB: What do you hope people take away from “QUEENS?”

Angel Bassett: My hope is that “QUEENS” sparks a sense of awe and appreciation for the animal kingdom’s strength, resilience, and diversity. Beyond that, I want viewers to recognize the parallels between the experiences of these incredible creatures and the triumphs and challenges faced by all women in our society. Ultimately, I hope “QUEENS” inspires a greater understanding of the interconnectedness of all living beings and fosters a sense of empowerment and unity among the audience.

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