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Kelly Rowland’s “Mea Culpa” dropped this weekend on Netflix, and the internet has been abuzz with audience commentary. As with many movies, this one brought out the film and culture critic in us all.

The premise of the erotic thriller is a beautiful, wicked-smart defense attorney (Kelly Rowland) starts working on a high-profile murder case despite her husband’s and family’s wishes. While she attempts to focus on proving her client Zyair’s (Trevante Rhodes) innocence, she is eventually seduced by his charm and goes through a rollercoaster of twists and turns as only Tyler Perry can ideate. The story ends with Kelly’s character, Mea, questioning everything.

Kelly’s character’s biggest crime is one of fashion.

Opinions on the film have varied, from ’10s across the board’ to comparisons with Tubi classics. And while many of us may have to agree to disagree, the fact remains that the movie has people talking. A lot.

One common theme that frequently comes up is the memorable fashion throughout the film. Kelly Rowland’s “Mea Culpa” is as mentally stimulating as it is closet inspiring.

One of Kelly’s character’s biggest crimes is one of fashion. Because she kills it every time she walks on screen.

See the best style moments from Kelly Rowland’s “Mea Culpa.”

When we first meet Mea, she is at therapy, sitting pretty in a sophisticated long-sleeve black midi-length dress. Her dress is body-hugging and luxe with a unique angled cutout collar design. A black crocodile-skin clutch with a shiny gold strap and a black wool coat lay beside Mea on the couch.

Even at therapy, Kelly’s character brings her A-game, foreshadowing the parade of fashion ‘lewks’ that continues for the next 120 minutes. As the story evolves, so does Mea’s wardrobe.

The thriller’s chilling surprises are matched only by Mea’s dramatic ensembles. She sets the tone with statement coats, stands on business in fly suits, and shows her personality with funky couture details.

Below are the top style moments to look out for as you watch – or rewatch – “Mea Culpa” and make your own assessment of the film.

Every one of Mea’s power suits.

mea culpa production

Source: Courtesy of Netflix / Netflix

While we never see it in the film, we are convinced that Mea Harper’s closet is a professional fashionista’s dream. Her character quickly establishes position and affluence through her style and signature suiting to die for.

She wears dark-colored suits with luxury trendy details like velvet pinstripes, wide-legs, and fringe. Every professional ensemble in the film had a unique flare, showing how women can be both powerful and playful and own their personal style in the workplace.

The time Mea ditched her skirt for jeans.


While Mea loved to slay in a good suit, she switched up her style as her feelings changed. During a major scene in the film, Mea ditched her skirt for jeans while making a decision to embrace her emotions. Wearing the denim bottoms allowed her the freedom to ride on Zyair’s motorcycle and throw caution to the wind. (In a previous scene, she refused to ride his bike because of her professional attire).

Zyair noticed her jeans and pointed them out seductively. The moment gave us Ginuwine “In Those Jeans” vibes and reminded us all of that one pair we love in our closets.

Mea’s nod to Karl Lagerfeld made us gag.

mea culpa production

Source: Courtesy of Netflix / Netflix

One of the most memorable fashion moments during the film was toward the end when Mea visited one of Zyair’s ex-lovers. She owned an art gallery, and Mea spent an early morning speaking with her.

Mea arrived at the gallery in a uniform classically worn by Karl Lagerfeld. The outfit included a black pantsuit, a white button-down blouse, and a black skinny tie. Hanging over the suit was a floor-length coat with exaggerated shoulders. Her look was as mysterious and dramatic as it was slayed to the ‘gawds.

Statement coats that spoke to us on screen.

mea culpa production

Source: Courtesy of Netflix / Netflix

Statement coats were mainstays throughout “Mea Culpa.” Most were maxi or floor-length, oversized, and over-the-top. Mea stunned in black, green, cream, and camel coats with exaggerated shoulders and custom details.

The last scene of the film featured Mea in an all-black monochromatic look anchored by a black coat. With her rollercoaster romance supposedly over, she found comfort in chic outerwear like a real boss and fashion slayer.

Given Kelly’s iconic fashion status, we aren’t surprised by the many style moments in her new film. Let us know if there are any we missed.


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