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Storm Reid Swimwear

Source: Pacsun x Storm Reid / Pacsun x Storm Reid

From 12 Years of Slave and A Wrinkle in Time to HBO Max’s Euphoria, the world has continued to watch Storm Reid evolve before our very eyes on and off-screen. Today, the University of Southern California sophomore is balancing her life on-campus as a full-time student and roommate to bestie Natalia Bryant while slaying in fashion shows and memorizing lines for her next gig. In the world of style, Reid has become an ambassador for Dark & Lovely, walked in a Miu Miu show during Paris Fashion Week, and became a new face for New Balance, but what’s up next for the rising young mogul?

Hint hint: You’ll want to take a dip into her latest endeavor once you find out the waters she’s treading.

“I have always just been in love with swimsuits from a very young age,” the 19-year-old told HelloBeautiful. Since she was a little girl, Reid’s older sister would buy her a swimsuit every year as a birthday present which, unbeknownst to her at the time, would establish her early adoration for swimwear. As time moved along and she amassed a collection of swimsuits, Reid realized that she was shifting into a space in her career when she took an interest in style and wanted to take on a leadership role in the creative world. Enter Storm Reid’s ArashiBlu Collection with PacSun.

The young actress debuted her first collection in 2021 as a celebration of her 18th birthday. With a total of four installments, the fourth drop includes an eye-catching collection of bold, neon colorways with a total of 12 swimsuits and 3 coverups. From the fringe trim and beading detail to the asymmetrical and cut-out silhouettes, there’s a perfect swimsuit for everyone between XXS and XL starting at $29.95 USD. “I’m just super grateful to just be a part of the PacSun team and family, and then of course to be able to create bathing suits, which I love,” Reid said.

Reid continued, “I wanted to create something of my own and I didn’t want to go the traditional route that people usually go. I thought swimsuits would be a great introduction into the fashion space and the brand world. To be able to do that with PacSun, a brand that I authentically wear and that I go into their stores and buy things, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to collab with them. Thankfully, they agreed and we have dropped some beautiful collections.”

Storm Reid Swimwear

Source: Pacsun x Storm Reid / Pacsun x Storm Reid

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Not even 20-years-old, the Don’t Let Go star has amassed a resume in the entertainment industry that would make any Gen-Z’er strive for greatness. The Atlanta, Georgia native has a few projects coming down the line, and she’s feeling good about her involvement in all of them. This year, fans can expect to see the young actress in the new “screenlife” thriller Missingalongside Nia Long, as well as The Last of Us and The Nun 2, which is set to release in September 2023.

“I think 2023 is going to be a beautiful year, God willing,” she said as she counted the blessings ahead of her this year. As the Global Spokesmodel for Maybelline, Reid expressed her excitement for the new products and initiatives that’re launching this year. Though she could not disclose what they were, I could just tell that she was bursting with anticipation to share these projects with the world.

“Hopefully it’ll be a good year and we can all just win, eat, have fun, and see each other shine. I have some other things that I am working on in the fashion, beauty space, but overall fashion, beauty, school – everything that I’m doing,” Reid continued.

HelloBeautiful spoke with Reid to discuss her latest PacSun drop, her red carpet must-haves, and coming into young adulthood in the eyes of the entertainment industry. Read the full interview below.

HB: What was the inspiration behind the fourth installment of your PacSun drop?

Storm Reid: “We just wanted to play with different patterns and textures within the bathing suits. We always try to add texture details and color details with all the other drops, but this drop was really focused on the different bright colors, printed patterns, and texture so it would just give a fun summer feel. I know that we are going into the holidays in winter, but I know a lot of people travel to get out of the cold weather. Thankfully we are able to drop a collection right before everybody starts traveling if they do, to have some cute swimsuits that are bright and colorful for wherever they go.”

HB: Oftentimes, people will slap their names on a collection but say they had a lot to do with it coming together. How hands-on were you with the creative process of the collection?

Reid: “Very hands-on. Every collection, I sat down with the Pac Sun design team and then my own team to create the swimsuits, the textures, fabrics, and details that we wanted on the swimsuit. I was very involved and I wouldn’t have it any other way ‘cause the only way to be authentic in anything is to put your best effort and your time into something if you want it to succeed and be proud of it. Most of all, in anything that I put out in the world or that I’m a part of, I want to be proud of it, so I was definitely very involved and I’m grateful that PacSun gave me that creative power to be able to say things that I did like, that I didn’t like, and really create some beautiful pieces.”

HB: In your opinion, what’re the makings of a good bathing suit?

Reid: “It’s important for a lot of pieces of clothing, but for bathing suits, it’s something that you want to feel confident in and you want to feel comfortable wearing wherever you’re going. With our different drops, we wanted to have the duality to be able to wear the swimsuits to go to the beach or go to the water park or do whatever you do in the water, but also be able to just throw on a pair of shorts and be able to run to the grocery store if you need more snacks or go out to get a cute lunch. We wanted to be able to have the duality of being able to wear it at the beach or wherever you are near the water, but also be able to feel comfortable and cute enough to throw something over it and be able to still go about your day.

“The sizes that we tried to produce were very important to me from the first drop. I wanted to be able to allow my supporters, no matter what size they were, if they fell in love with the bathing suit that we dropped to have the opportunity to be able to wear that bathing suit. With my collection or any swimsuit collection, it’s [about] the comfortability and accessibility to have a range of different sizes. Of course it goes down to the fabrics, making sure that you’re covered, and making sure that you’re comfortable and you feel your best wherever you’re going, wherever you’re about to be.”

Storm Reid Swimwear

Source: Pacsun x Storm Reid / Pacsun x Storm Reid

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HB: As a young adult growing up in the public eye, how did you become comfortable enough in your body to put yourself out there on social media?

Reid: “It started in my household in the village that brought me up, specifically my mom and my older sister, and my aunties and uncles. Everybody around me who helped raise me instilled in me a certain sense of confidence. Of course, not it being an ego or having a big head, but just reminding me that I was beautiful and that I was able and allowed to take up space and feel comfortable with taking up space and feeling all the emotions that I feel. Some days are harder than others, but I’m very thankful that I have been raised with confidence.

“Being in the public eye now or posting on social media when there are negative things that people have to say or negative sentiments that people put out there, I don’t really pay attention to it or I really don’t care, to be honest.” I have a lot more things to worry about and care about other than people saying nasty things. Thankfully on my social media platforms, that’s rare. I have the approach of trying to be as positive as possible, so I think people notice that and reciprocate the positivity, love, and support that I try to put on my page. The people who don’t see that or don’t want to see that or don’t want to be a part of that, they usually stay away. Some of them come around, but I don’t really care.”

HB: How would you describe your style evolution over the years?

Reid: “My style has really evolved with the help of Jason Bolden, who I love and adore, and I think my own sense of style is ever-changing. I love to follow a trend and TikTok has a lot of fashion trends so I am not shy to say that I like to follow trends, but I also like to be very comfortable. If we’re being honest, I much rather dress in men’s clothing because I just feel like they’re more comfortable. ​​The top thing for me is whether it’s street style, I’m going out to eat dinner with friends, on campus or even on a red carpet, I think comfort is the biggest thing. As long as I’m comfortable, as long as I’m able to dance around and be able to get from point A to point B without being in discomfort and still looking stylish or cute, that’s what’s most important to me. Even though my style is ever-changing and always evolving and things are always catching my eye and some trends, I’m always shifting out or letting go.”

HB: When it comes to the red carpet, what are your fashion and beauty must-haves?

Reid: “I always have to have some good music. I think good music for anything, but specifically when we’re getting ready for an event during glam, even way before I get dressed, sets the tone and mood before the red carpet that I’m about to go to. It uplifts me and makes me feel even more confident. I would say if I have any essentials, it would probably be music because it really helps me get in the mood. I can listen to Beyonce or listen to Rihanna or to some rap – and my moods change. The music I listen to heavily influences how I step out on the carpet no matter where, what I’m wearing.”


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