Black Don’t Crack: Regina Hall’s Age Stumps Comedians Courtney Bee, Shay Calhoun And LAM

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Regina Hall knows the secret to staying forever young. Perhaps its the laughter she provides on screen or the skincare secrets she learned as a young girl, but we can’t believe the beloved actress is 51-years-young. She doesn’t look a day over the age of her youngest character. Much of her youthful glow comes from her flawless skin, sense of humor and beauty secrets that begin on the inside.

In an interview with Glamour, she revealed, “That means a bunch of water and bone broth. I try to eat bone broth at least four times a week because it has a lot of collagen in it. Sometimes it’s turkey and lamb or chicken or beef, or even seaweed and mushroom. All you need is a cup.”

She added later in the conversation, she covets a beauty secret she learned from her mother, “She said to always take care of your skin. She was huge on skin care, and would always tell me to wash my face. She really believed in good moisturizing cream and eye cream. I use Avalon Organics with Vitamin C that I mix with argan oil as my moisturizer. As women’s hormones change, you have to make sure you don’t lose the luster in your skin. And that’s why you have to nurture yourself from the inside.”

On this episode of “Black Don’t Crack” comedians Courtney Bee, L.A.M. better known as the Black Willy Wonka, and Shay Calhoun do their best to decipher Regina Hall’s age in photos from different appearances on the red carpet and various award shows.


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