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Black Don’t Crack: Angela Bassett’s Age Stumps Comedians Courtney Bee, Kym Hylton And LAM

36th Annual Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony - Arrivals

Source: Arturo Holmes / Getty

Angela Bassett’s name is synonymous with Black excellence, award-winning talent, and youthfulness. At 63-years-young, Angela Bassett is aging like fine wine and reminding us all age ain’t nothing but a number. But that doesn’t stop folk from Googling or attempting to guess the Academy Award nominated actress’ age.

Comedians Courtney Bee, LAM (Legend Already Made, AKA The Black Willy Wonka) and Kim Hylton hilariously attempt to guess Angela Bassett’s age in the upbeat clip that will leave you cackling.

“50 just hit her and she was like bing, bang, pow,” said Kym. Check out the clip, above.