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Black Don’t Crack: Pharrell Williams’ Youthful Glow Dissected By Comedians Courtney Bee, L.A.M., and Kym Hylton


Is Pharrell Williams really from planet Earth, or is he just a walking testimony of the Black Proverb, “Black Don’t Crack”? The 48-year-old rapper, producer, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur hasn’t shown signs of aging since he entered the entertainment industry 30 years ago.

Comedians Courtney Bee, L.A.M. better known as the Black Willy Wonka, and Kim Hylton do their best to decipher Williams’ age in photos from different moments during his career. Good luck, ya’ll. The man clearly drank from Jesus’ wine glass as there are no signs of him developing wrinkles, frown lines, or sagging skin anytime soon.

“Everyday he’s looking younger and younger, like he actually went to Neptune and maybe got all of their beauty secrets,” Courtney Bee said. We agree! Check out the latest episode of Black Don’t Crack featuring our favorite timeless musical alien genius, Pharrell Williams.