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Duckie Thot’s success on and off the runway can be credited to her unique look. The combination of her rich chocolate skin and her golden glow, earned her the 3rd runner-up spot in Australia’s Next Top Model. Since then, the Australian and South Sudanese model moved on to make her debut in the Yeezy S/S 17 show and eventually became the face of Fenty Beauty.

Duckie Thot might be booked and busy, but she some time on her hands today. A confused Twitter user’s colorist comment caused her to come out a character in just two simple words: “f*ck off.” In a tweet the user wrote, “She look like a dark skin white girl.” The comment puzzled Duckie, just like it did the rest of us. The user has since deleted his Tweet, but not before getting dragged on the internet.

It seems like the Twitter user is defaulting to colorism to justify Duckie Thot’s beauty. There is nothing “White” about the model, but for him, the only way to explain her appearance is to associate her with whiteness. Colorism is a longstanding issue in communities of color. Throughout history, darker skin has been characterized as unattractive people with low class. Back in the days of slavery, White men would rape their slaves, creating biracial babies. As they grew older, the light folks would work in the house, while the dark folks would work in the field. The African and European mix became fetishized overtime and it remains that way today. Comments like “you’re pretty for a dark skin girl” or “Black girls are too loud and ghetto,” are rooted in colorism.

I’m sure this was a teachable moment for the Twitter user. Hopefully he learned the harm in his comment. What do you think?


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