Jodie-Turner Smith opens up in a recent Elle UK interview about how raising a biracial daughter is helping her heal her own issues with colorism. 


Candiace and Wendy deserve to throw shade in peace just like the green-eyed bandits.

"I personally think I’m in the perfect place. So I’m not gonna allow other ppl to tell me otherwise," Tate tweeted.

Being Black, particularly dark skinned, in Hollywood is a battle that many actors/actresses are still trying to figure out how to conquer.

Are we surprised that the man who uses the word b*&^% so freely when rapping about women would have this opinion?

The actress says she was redirected to play a smaller role, instead of the lead she auditioned for,

Will 50 Cent ever shut up? This past weekend, the rapper discussed his love for “exotic” women with Lil’ Wayne. As he advertised his preference, he enforced the negative stigma of Black women by labeling them angry. Via a video clip posted to The Shaderoom, the two men discussed women and the backlash they receive […]

Being Black in America is a struggle in itself. To be a dark-skinned woman in America is a beast that only kin-skinned folks can relate to. I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t treated differently because of my dark skin. I’ve had to make adjustments to how I represent myself in the […]

Plus-size model and influencer Chantelle Tyler has been outed as a colorist.

Nine years later, director D. Channsin Berry is back for a much-needed conversation about how our obsession with lighter skin, and disdain for darker skin, harms our community.