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Hair takes centerstage on the cover art for Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion‘s recently announced collabo Wap. The Internet is buzzing around the highly-anticipated single’s colorful visuals that are giving us 90s barrel curl updo nostalgia.

Fans have been clamoring for new music from both ladies, so this single comes at the perfect time as Megan The Stallion recovers from foot surgery and Cardi B shows her support for fellow femcee while gearing up to promote her new album.

Megan Thee Stallion reemerged on social media, last week, following a silent stint on social media the aftermath of the shooting controversy involving her rumored ex-lover Tory Lanez.

Cardi and Meg are almost identical in the pink imagery. They don gold hoop earrings with the word Wap in the center playing up the 90s vibe of the photo. Their signature long nails, molded baby hairs and waterfall tendrils add to the aesthetic.

Cardi teased the single one day prior to releasing the visuals. “I GOT A ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE TOMORROW! Byeee,” she wrote.

Megan also posted the Wap single cover on her social media pages, calling herself the “The Hot Girl Coach.” With all the surrounding controversy in her career, we’re glad to see Megan focusing on her music, which she said she was going to do in a previous Instagram post.

Mums the word on Cardi’s new project, but we know she was int he studio during quarantine, which means her creative juices were flowing.

The single is set to be released Friday.


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