Mikesha Lacy

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Black female entrepreneurship is on the rise with no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Black women have found ways to start businesses, pursue their passions and achieve their dreams by sharing their God given gifts with the world.

Beauty business coach and professional makeup artist, Mikesha Lacy, is among those entrepreneurial Black women who have found success in spite of the pandemic, and is successfully putting a new spin on the cosmetic industry altogether.

Lacy is the owner of the Beauty Bureau, an exclusive coitre designed to be an online one stop shop for makeup artists (MUAs) to learn, grow and connect with each other. With the mission of enlightening and educating the beauty community, Lacy started the Beauty Bureau to bridge the gap between artists and the makeup business while helping current and aspiring MUAs find inspiration, ask questions and have “real conversations” with one another.

“The Beauty Bureau started as a makeup showcase–like a fashion show for makeup or makeup artists,” Lacy told HelloBeautiful. “Once I saw the response, girls were saying they needed help or asking ‘do you know how to do different things?’ I decided to do it digitally because I wanted to reach a mass amount of people, so it was me starting from Chattanooga to Atlanta and then branching out.”

Launched at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Beauty Bureau is the educational hub for all things beauty and serves as a networking platform that helps makeup artists across the globe build their brands. For only $20 per month, interested MUAs will receive e-courses, e-books, and strategic coaching calls with the goal of inspiring each participant to branch into entrepreneurship, just like Lacy has done.

Mikesha Lacy

Source: Nathan Pearcy / Nathan Pearcy

“I love to help people grow businesses. I’m always the person that everyone comes to for business advice,” Lacy continued. “With the things I am teaching, and the tools I provide, MUA’s will be able to share–not just the information– but the idea of helping each other. I’m trying to motivate them to want to share and be open to sharing that information. I want to let them know we’re not competing here, but that there’s enough space and money for all of us to make. That’s the energy I’m trying to put out there. We can do amazing things all together if we take someone’s hand and join together.”

As Lacy continues to build her brand, she tells us that she’s focused on “all things beauty” and is looking forward to the future of expanding her beauty empire in her home state of Tennessee. “I’m also opening a spa called Luxe Spa in my hometown of Chattanooga, TN. We offer non-invasive surgery for lipo, butt enhancements, makeup service, facials, and all things cosmetic. It’s kind of a new thing, and I am planning to teach a class, but with a twist!”

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