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Any makeup maven will tell you that eyebrows make or break your look. So, it’s no surprise that makeup lovers are gung ho to try out countless products and procedures. While everyone has their preferred way of styling brows from using pencils, powders and pomades, many people like to up the ante with more permanent options. As of recent, beauty mavens have been trying their luck with microblading and it leaves us to wonder if the technique is truly worth it?

Microblading is a permanent makeup technique that is done with a tiny, angled blade with around 10-12 little needles at the tip. During a session, the blade is dipped in ink and lightly imprinted on the skin in delicate strokes to emulate the appearance of hair. Although a blade is being used to apply the ink to your brows, it’s not as painful as you would think. A specialist applies a numbing ointment to the skin for comfort.

While this definitely beats spending hours on end in the mirror perfecting the shape of your brows, we can understand why beauty mavens are giving this method a try.

However, with all beauty techniques and procedures, there is a strict aftercare regimen you must follow to avoid ruining your eyebrows and your skin. From having to avoid makeup or skincare on your brows, skipping out on exercise and direct sun for a week, passing on long steamy showers for 10 days to prevent infection, this can all be a little too much. Not to forget, there is a chance of scabbing.

Unlike getting a tattoo, microblading doesn’t penetrate the deep layer of skin, it sits on the surface. Hence why some people don’t consider this method to be truly “permanent.” In fact, the color starts to fade from your skin within a year and a half after your session.

So, if you ask if microblading is truly worth it, it really depends on your lifestyle. If you don’t mind spending the extra time to care for your skin, this can be a matched made in heaven. If you’re not skilled at shaping your brows, this method can save you the stress. It truly depends on your comfort level.

Do you plan on trying out microblading? Have you tried this semi-permanent technique in the past? Sound off in the comments below and take our poll.


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