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I have the skinniest eyebrows in the world, hands down! When I was a teenager, my best friend decided I needed to tweeze my eyebrows and uttered the infamous “trust me, I know what I’m doing.”  (Let’s just say the end result threatened our friendship). She plucked my right brow more than my left and I was left with uneven skinny ass eyebrows. After a quick run to the drugstore to find an eyebrow pencil, I was able to correct her mistake, but my eyebrows never grew back.  I became so adept at pencilling my eyebrows, it became routine as brushing my teeth, until I got older and started exercising. There’s nothing like running on the treadmill and wiping the sweat off your face, only to discover you’ve wiped off your drawn in eyebrows! What’s a girl to do? Grow bangs?? Not an option for someone who doesn’t like hair on their face in the hot summer months.

I recently came across Boom Boom Boostier brow powder and decided to give it a try, what do I have to lose? Before heading to the gym last night, on a whim I decided to try it out and hope for the best. I went about my usual workout and after 10 minutes of sweating and fantasizing about getting Ciara’s abs, I totally forgot about my eyebrows. At the end of my workout, I looked in the mirror and guess what, my eyebrows were still intact. Yes!!

Ladies,if you have a hole in your brows use Boom Boom Boostier brow powder it’s the perfect solution. Just one dab of powder on the angled brush (included) and VOILA! No one will ever know… It’s our little secret. Wink, wink! Wondering what happened to my bestie? She’s still my best friend after all these years.

Here are some FAT Brow Tips:

Don’t over wax or tweeze – stick to cleaning up strays

Balance the arch – seek professional help if needed

Fill in with brow powder, it’s much more natural looking than pencil

Boom Boom Brow Boostier Powder– hypoallergenic mineral powders free of fragrance, oil, talc, dyes and fillers. Available in Aretha, Tina, Bette and Dolly, $20.00 each, comes with a brush. Available on

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