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The central theme of tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives is making amends. The drama at Shaunie’s party is still the topic of discussion. Remember how Shaunie went off on Jennifer. Jenn is still cut off by Shaunie and Evelyn because she won’t own up to her ish. There’s also Kristen’s issues with CeCe. Basically, she’s annoyed about CeCe telling her that Byron said she’s not allowed at the wedding. For some reason, she just doesn’t believe Byron would say that. We all saw Byron say it, but the point is, he’s mad that Kristen said he doesn’t see his granddaughter last season, on national television. His version of the story is that Kristen doesn’t make an effort to bring her daughter over either and that it goes both ways. CeCe is caught in this petty crossfire. Jackie suggests talking to Cece to straighten this out, but it’s already handled. Malaysia is supposed to be having a peace talk at her house. Jennifer joins Jackie and Kristen and they ask her what the heck happened at the party. Jennifer goes into this spiel about how losing her mom (three years ago) has changed her because she has no one to protect her and that has become more aggressive to these women because they “keep attacking her.” 

Jackie Christie tries to get her to understand that it’s because she keeps talking shit and then denying it, but Jenn ain’t tryna hear it. 

Let’s fast forward to the peace dinner at Malaysia’s place. It’s Kristen, Londen (Kristen’s sister-in-law and yes it’s spelled with an “e”), Malaysia, of course, and then CeCe comes last. CeCe is a little thrown off because she didn’t know that Londen (Kristen’s sister-in-law) would be there and feels some type of way about Londen because Londen has taken Kristen’s side. Anyway, Malaysia opens up the floor for discussion and at first, Kristen, CeCe and now Londen can’t get on the same page. CeCe almost leaves because she feels ganged up on. Malaysia gets her to stay and eventually they all manage to say what they have to say, hash it out and move forward through tears and hugs, but it doesn’t feel genuine. Plus, CeCe runs to Byron later on and tells him what happened. Not only is he annoyed that Londen showed up (because he doesn’t think she should have inserted herself), but he’s also still not interested in ever seeing Kristen again. Petty much? Yes.


In other, but kinda related news…Jackie Christie is on a mission to get Jenn to mend things with Shaunie and Evelyn. Jackie’s idea is to have a crystal party, invite everyone to come through and hopefully get it together. I’m talking, the kind of crystals that people ironically use for meditation and to attract good vibes. 

Tami has been laying low this season. We all know she got married on the low and even kept it from her daughters, who are pissed. So, this is the moment that Tami and Reggie sit with Tami’s daughters and straighten things out. Tami’s daughters just felt like they should have known and that they want to know why they weren’t invited to the wedding. 

Anyway, Tami apologizes and they manage to move forward. Tami still hasn’t told the girls yet though. 

Now we’re at Jackie’s crystal party. It’s at a crystal shop. At first, it’s Jackie, newbie Vinessa (yes, with an “i”), newbie Feby, Kristen, Shaunie and Evelyn. They go into a back room and sit for a guided meditation. Jennifer finally shows up after the meditation is over, and you can cut the tension with a knife. Jackie welcomes Jenn and talks about how she wants to ease the tension. Shaunie, Evelyn, and Jenn just sit there staring at each other like… 

But then we’re off to the races. Evelyn opens up the floor. She says she fesl Jenn should be talking and apologizing for talking smack about Shaniece. Jenn said she never talked smack about Shaniece and loves her, yatta yatta. 

Evelyn points out there’s no way everyone else, who heard Jenn say what she said, is lying. 


Shaunie said Jenn is stank and that she’d just rather not have someone like her in her life. 

Jenn gets defensive and starts waxing poetic about losing her mom again. Evelyn says this is disrespectful to her mom because losing your mother shouldn’t turn you into an a–hole. Her Jenn then starts talking about how no one knows what she’s going through and that she gets angry at times, then starts crying again. Evelyn thinks it’s a pile of fluff and decides to leave.  Jenn still keeps talking through the tears, and for Shaunie, something clicks. Shaunie feels bad for Jennifer enough to give her a hug. 

And hell has frozen over. Maybe there’s something to the crystals after all. 

More drama next week.


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